A good supplier can make wholesale business much easier, especially during the pandemic. Jisen Toy dedicates itself to helping importers to achieve this goal. As one of the most professional toy-sourcing agencies in Yiwu, China, we are able to help our clients to find the most reliable and profitable toy suppliers and manufacturers in China.

JISEN Sourcing Team can help you find all kinds of products you’re looking for from anywhere in China through our strong sourcing ability. We have close connections with 100+ superior Chinese factories in plushies, electronic toys, dolls, makeup sets, etc. We are looking forward to helping you!

Sourcing service is a type of service that helps companies identify and procure goods and materials from suppliers. Sourcing services can assist companies with a variety of tasks related to the procurement process, including identifying potential suppliers, negotiating prices and terms, managing the logistics of transportation, and ensuring that the goods meet the company’s quality standards.
Sourcing services can be provided by external companies or in-house teams within an organization. They can be useful for companies that do not have the resources or expertise to manage the sourcing process themselves, or for companies that want to outsource this aspect of their operations to focus on other areas of the business.
There are many different types of sourcing services, including strategic sourcing, which involves identifying and analyzing the company’s procurement needs and developing a long-term plan to meet those needs; tactical sourcing, which involves implementing the sourcing plan and managing the day-to-day sourcing activities; and reverse sourcing, which involves identifying and evaluating potential buyers for a company’s products or services.


If You Don’t Have Suppliers Yet

Just tell our agent what products you want to buy, or how to develop and customize products. We will help you find the best-matching factory in China and get you the best-priced production.


If You Have Suppliers Already

We provide more suppliers for free to compare with yours so you can choose the best one. If you want to use our suppliers, we can help you manage mass production, quality inspection, and international logistics.