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Toy Guns – Where Adventure Meets Action

The thrilling chase, the tactical hide-and-seek, the ultimate duel – toy guns amplify playtime, infusing it with drama, strategy, and pure unbridled fun. At Jisen Toy, we acknowledge the allure of these playful arsenals. Our aim? To partner with the best factories that craft toy guns, ensuring safety, aesthetics, and high-octane enjoyment.


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JISEN Red Dinosaur Bubble Gun Toy

Quantiry per box: 72 Dimensions: 63.5*36.5*59 Weight: 26

JISEN Red Bubble Gun Toy Set 2

Quantiry per box: 12 Dimensions: 62X60X55 Weight: 17

JISEN Red Bubble Gun Toy

Quantiry per box: 60 Dimensions: 89*35*60 Weight: 22

JISEN Rainbow Donut Bubble Gun Toy

Quantiry per box: 48 Dimensions: 91*35*58 Weight: 21

JISEN Blue Long Bubble Gun Toy

Quantiry per box: 72 Dimensions: 71*42*75 Weight: 28.5

Aim for Adventure with Jisen Toy's Toy Gun Range:

  1. Water Guns: Splash into excitement with our range of water guns. Ergonomically designed and with generous reservoirs, they promise long, laughter-filled water battles on sunny days.
  2. Water Bomb Guns: Elevate the aquatic combat with guns that launch water balloons, ensuring delightful splashes and strategic plays.
  3. Bubble Guns: Merge wonder with warfare as our bubble guns release a barrage of glistening orbs, turning the surroundings into a dreamy battlefield.
  4. Block Guns: Ingeniously designed, these guns blend the joys of building blocks with the thrill of play weaponry. Assemble, customize, and dive into action!

Why Set Your Sights on Jisen Toy for Toy Gun Sourcing?

  • Precision in Play: Our associated factories craft guns that boast excellent mechanics, ensuring smooth operation and maximized fun.
  • Safety First, Always: Play should never compromise safety. All our toy guns are designed with child-safe materials, eliminating sharp edges and ensuring non-toxic components.
  • Tailored Experiences: We identify factories that can bring your brand's vision to life, crafting toy guns that align with your design ethos and customer needs.
  • Value without Victory Compromise: Our industry connections enable us to find the balance between quality and cost, ensuring top-notch toy guns without breaking the bank.
  • A Trusted Ally in Ambition: From conceptualization to the final product, our expertise covers all, ensuring a seamless sourcing experience.
With Jisen Toy, every toy gun isn't just a plaything; it's a portal to adventures, stories, and shared memories. Together, let's unlock realms of action, one toy gun at a time.