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Novelty & Gag Toys – Where Laughter Meets Surprise

In a world that often takes itself too seriously, Novelty & Gag Toys are a breath of fresh, fun-filled air. These toys aren’t just about play; they’re about joy, spontaneity, and the occasional delightful scare. At Jisen Toy, we believe in the power of a chuckle and the magic of a surprise. Our mission? To collaborate with factories that understand the art of amusement, crafting toys that promise giggles, gasps, and glee.


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Sticky fish

Quantity per box: 288Size: 27Weight: 25


Quantity per box: 288Size: 0.063Weight: 16.5


Quantity per box: 288Size: 0.082Weight: 21


Quantity per box: 288Size: 0.082Weight: 20.7


Quantity per box: 288 Size: 0.1 Weight: 22

Cat hand

Quantity per box: 288Size: Weight:


Quantity per box: 288Size: 0.08Weight: 17


Quantity per box: 288Size: 0.11Weight: 21.5


Quantity per box: 288Size: 0.105Weight: 22.5

Dive into Jisen Toy's Playful Pantheon of Novelty & Gag Toys:

  1. Squeeze Toys: Stress-relief meets amusement with our range of squeeze toys. Squish them, squash them, and revel in their quirky shapes and delightful bounce-backs.
  2. Masks: From fantastical to funny, our masks allow wearers to adopt a myriad of personas, perfect for parties, pranks, and playful masquerades.
  3. Spooky Toys: Embrace the eerie with toys that send playful shivers down the spine. Whether it's a faux spider or a glow-in-the-dark ghost, we've got the spooky spectrum covered.
  4. LOL Surprise Balls (Surprise Dolls): Unwrap layers of joy with our Surprise Dolls. Each ball is a treasure trove of mysteries, with delightful dolls and accessories waiting to be discovered.
  5. Halloween Toys: Celebrate the macabre and magical with toys dedicated to Halloween's festive spirit. From witches to werewolves, our range ensures every October is packed with playful frights.

Why Choose Jisen Toy for Novelty & Gag Toy Sourcing?

  • Masters of Mirth: Our partnered factories specialize in creating toys that tickle the funny bone and light up faces with smiles and surprises.
  • Custom-Crafted Amusements: Every brand has its own flavor of fun. We align with factories that can infuse your unique humor and surprise elements into the toys.
  • Safety with Surprise: Despite the fun and games, we never compromise on safety. All our products are tested, ensuring they're as safe as they are sensational.
  • Economical Entertainment: With our deep industry ties, we ensure that you get the best balance between cost and quality, maximizing merriment without monetary worries.
  • Guidance through Giggles: From concept to completion, we offer a seamless sourcing journey, ensuring every toy hits the right note of novelty.
With Jisen Toy, the world becomes a playground of laughter, surprises, and moments that linger in memory. Together, let's spread joy one Novelty & Gag Toy at a time.